On the Issues Magazine

Merle Hoffman is the publisher and editor-in-chief of On The Issues Magazine, which began as a Newsletter in 1983 and soon became a high-quality print magazine published quarterly. Adapting to the changing times, it went online in 2008. It featured provocative interviews with pathbreaking leaders in the feminist, civil and human rights, and environmental movements, along with front-line reports from the battle around abortion, from clinics that had been bombed to commentary from brave activists.

On the Issues was founded as a progressive alternative to mainstream media coverage. The first number carried articles about the beginnings of AIDS and about the newly described condition of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Among many other topics covered in the magazine have been surgical practices on genitals, domestic violence, and eco-feminism. The magazine has carried articles sympathetic to animal rights, with articles by animal rights advocates, including Carol J. Adams, Joan Dunayer and Roberta Kalechofsky. On the Issues also was known for its cultural features, with poetry and artwork by notable women poets and artists in each issue.